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The Course

The natural features of the Barona Creek Golf Club complement a course designed to challenge, satisfy, and reward players of every skill level. Its native elegance, with gently flowing creeks, hardy California oaks, and native sods and grasses, lends a simple charm and rustic beauty, but its distinctive course design elevates it to championship caliber.

Over 100 bunkers and strategically placed natural obstacles, including an oak that splits the first fairway, contribute to a challenging championship course. This innovative architecture is matched by the unparalleled sophistication of the club’s equipment, including an uplink GPS system on every cart, and our outstanding staff of golf professionals.

BLACK: 7,092 yards | 139 slope | 74.0 rating
Player Type: Professional or skilled player with 9 or lower handicap

GOLD: 6,632 yards | 134 slope | 71.8 rating
Player Type: Most male golfers

SILVER: 6,231 yards | 129 slope | 69.7 rating
Player Type: Senior men and players with intermediate to advanced skill

BURGUNDY: 5,296 yards | 124 slope | 70.8 rating
Player Type: Most female golfers

For in-depth information about playing the course, check out our Pro Tips & Tour available at the Pro Shop, to help you navigate the greens.

Tour The Course

01StrokeThis slightly uphill par 5 is a nice hole to get your round off to a good start. You should favor the left side of the tee because everything slopes more to the right than it appears. Many balls that appear safe down the right side end up in the fairway bunker. A giant oak tree in the center of the fairway, approximately 70 yards from the green, must be carefully negotiated for the second shot. Players that are unable to carry the oak tree should play left of the oak tree for an easy approach shot to the green. Once on the green, be careful, the green slopes from back to front more than it may appear.

Hole 2This is the second shortest Par 4 at Barona Creek. The aiming point off the tee is the right side of the bunker that guards the left side of the fairway. Once again, your tee shot will run to the right when it hits the fairway. For your second shot if the pin is front left, it is critical that you stay short of the pin on your approach. Any pin that is middle or left it is best to error to the left on your approach because the slope on the left side kicks all balls toward the middle of the green. As you will find out, your work is not over once you are on the green. Putts are extremely fast from back to front.

Hole 3The first of four challenging par 3's. From the tee this hole looks extremely difficult. Although it is the longest of the par 3's, 260 from the Black tee, the prevailing wind at your back will allow you to take two clubs less than the yardage suggests. Tee shots that stray left will generously kick on the green. Also, remember this is the largest green on the course - 50 yards from front to back.

4th Hole

This is the first risk/reward hole and is the number 1 handicap hole. The safe play is to stay to the right of the enormous bunker that dissects the center of the fairway. This will leave you with a mid to long iron for your second shot. If you decide to take the risk and shorten the hole by going left of the bunker, beware that all balls that go that route tend to kick left into the native grasses. But if you pull it off, you will have a short iron into the green.


5th HoleHitting driver off the tee is not necessarily the play on this less than 400 yard par 4. You're better off hitting a fairway wood and playing safe to avoid the series of bunkers on the right and lateral hazard on the left. However, a warning to the player that chooses to hit driver - any ball that hits on the left border of the fairway will tend to kick toward the hazard. The large bunker on the right can be a safe place and does not play that difficult. DO NOT be long on your approach shot. It can be very difficult to get up and down from over the green. The bunker guarding the front is a much more forgiving than the being over the green.

5th HoleThis downhill scenic par 5 is your best chance to get a birdie. Keep your tee shot to the right of the rock that is on the left side of the fairway in the landing area. Any ball on that line or left of that will tend to kick in the native grasses. If you have a chance to go for the green on your second shot don't flirt with the right side or you may find your ball in the lateral hazard that guards the right side of the green. There is a lot more room to the left of the green than it appears. However, any ball that is left of the green is almost impossible to get up and down. If you want to play it safe, play short of the green. Any third shot from 100 yards and in should have a reasonable chance to make a birdie. All putts tend to break severely toward the creek.

7th HoleThe prevailing right to left wind must be considered when playing this uphill par 3. If you tend to draw the ball, you may get away with one less club than normal. But if you slice, or fade, take at least one, or two, extra clubs. Pay close attention to your pin placement position on this hole. Once your ball hits onto the green it will kick to the left. It is extremely tough, if not impossible, to make a par if you miss your shot to the right of this green.

8th HoleThis is a very forgiving driving hole. The bunker on the left should not be a problem. This hole is all about the approach shot. Once again, pin placement knowledge is extremely important. This green is 44 yards deep and poorly positioned approach shots can almost guarantee a three putt. Take a least one, or two, clubs more than usual because of the prevailing headwind. Balls that land in the bunker guarding the right side of this green tend to plug. Balls in the bunker guarding the left side of the green are almost impossible to get close. Best advice - DON'T GO IN THE GREEN SIDE BUNKERS ON!

9th HoleThe closing hole on the front 9 is very picturesque with the Barona Hotel in the background and enormous Augusta white bunkers surrounding the green. This hole gives you the option of hitting a wood or iron off the tee. Your aiming point off the tee is the pot bunker that is in front of the green. The fairway slopes toward the water and the farther you hit it down the fairway the narrower it becomes. Approach shots that hit long back left will roll back toward the middle of the green.

10th HoleThe prevailing wind will help make this monster par 4 play easier than it appears. The fairway bunkers will generally not come into play, but any ball hit down the right side tends to kick right into the native grasses. It is impossible to get the ball up and down if you miss this green to the left. Any ball that hits short of the green will not roll up to the green. Be careful when putting toward the front, it can be very fast.

11th HoleA spectacular par 3. You are generally hitting back into the wind, so take an extra club. There are no bailout areas on this hole. You are on your own!

12th HoleThis is the only blind driving hole on the course - PAY ATTENTION. There is no need to hit driver. Take a club you hit 180 to 210 and aim left of the fairway bunker. This will leave you with a reasonable approach into this dogleg right par 4. If your feeling aggressive, take your driver and aim over the right side of the series of bunkers with a little fade and you will be perfect. However, don't miss it too far to the right or you will be in the native grasses scrambling for a bogey. Also note, this green plays firmer than most and generally has the wind behind you.

13th HoleThe tee shot on this hole is critical. Any ball that starts fading will more than likely end up in the lateral hazard that guards the right side of the fairway. The slope of the fairway will also guide your ball to the lateral hazard. Make sure you aim slightly left of the bunkers on your tee shot. Your second shot should be played to left of the lateral hazard that dissects the fairway. When laying up, aim toward the series of trees to the left of the greenside bunker. If you have the opportunity to reach this green in two, do not miss your shot to the right. Any ball that strays to the right of this green will definitely end up in the native grasses with an impossible downhill chip shot.

14th HoleThe most fun hole on the course. If you consider yourself a long hitter, take your driver and aim toward the greenside bunker on the left and let it rip. With a little fade you should have a putt for eagle. Miss hit it and you're looking at a double bogey. The safe play is to take a club that you hit 200 yards and you will take all the trouble out of play. Your next challenge is the severe sloping of this green. Come up short and you will find your ball rolling 20 yards off the green. On paper this hole looks like a sure birdie; in reality, take your par and run.

15th HoleBring your camera to the tee for this hole. The black tee is the highest point on the golf course and offers a breathtaking view of the entire Barona Resort. When ready to tee off, aim toward the right side of the fairway where the slope will kick your ball toward the center. It is critical on your approach shot to have the correct yardage to the pin. The green is 46 yards deep and somewhat crowned. Any ball that hits the far left side of the green will cause the ball to roll down into a collection area making it impossible to save par.

16th HoleDon't let all the bunkers that surround this green intimidate you. There is more room that it appears. Also, the green will appear to be closer due to the enormous size of the bunkers that surround it. A high tee shot is a must to get the ball on the green and close to the hole. The prevailing wind is generally behind you and the green is firm.

17th HoleAim toward the windmill and let it rip. Like hole #13, you have a lateral hazard that dissects the fairway and must be negotiated on your second shot. Your decision to go left or right should be based on the pin position. If the pin is back, play to the right fairway. If the pin is up front, play to the left fairway. And if the pin is in the middle, flip a coin. This is definitely a three shot hole due to the prevailing headwind. BE PATIENT!!!

18th HoleIf you are out of gas don't even attempt to play this monster. Go straight to the Barona Casino and enjoy the remainder of your day. Seriously, this is one of the best finishing holes you will ever play. From the back tee this par 4 plays 472 yards into the prevailing wind. Your aiming point for your tee shot should be the Golf Events Center. Also note that there is more room on the left than what appears. More than likely, you will have a wood left to the green. Don't go left or you will be in the lake. There is plenty of room to the right to bail out. Unfortunately, it is extremely hard to get up and down from the right side collection area. Bogey is not a bad score on this difficult finishing hole.